Concerts and events

    As one of the finest bands in Northern Ireland, Murley Silver Band can make your event something to remember! We are available for all occasions, including:

    • Carnivals & festivals
    • Concerts
    • Weddings
    • Church events and services
    • Corporate events

The band is available in two forms:

Full Band
For the authentic brass band sound! This is perfect for outdoor events and indoor concerts. The full band will require seating for between 25-30 players in a horse shoe formation (ie: three sides of a square, two rows deep). It would also be helpful if there is a room or area to store instrument cases.

Small group
Suitable for more intimate events and background music, Murley can provide a flexible sized group from 5-10 players.

It’s best to have a clear idea about what you want the band to do. Usually, our Musical Director will arrange the programme of music - but if you would like a certain piece or type of music, please discuss this beforehand. ”Can you play…..” is sometimes more difficult than you think as the band only carries a small amount of its large musical repertoire to each event.

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Musical repertoire

A brass band is possibly the most versatile ensemble you will ever hear - we can literally play anything! Murley has a vast library of music to suit almost any taste including:

  • Marches
  • Sacred music
  • Ulster-Scots traditional
  • Film scores
  • Classical music
  • Musicals
  • Rock and pop

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